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PORTLAND, Ore. – An Oregon man was sentenced to spend more than six years in jail after prosecutors said he tried to steal a car using a lit blowtorch.

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Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt said in a news release that Michael Scott Walton was sentenced to 80 months in prison for attempted robbery and attempted assault.

Schmidt said that Walton attacked a man who had just picked up a DoorDash order for delivery from a 7-Eleven. As the victim got into his vehicle, prosecutors said “Walton approached him from behind with a blow torch that was aflame.”

Prosecutors said that Walton used an aerosol to make the flame more powerful, and pushed the flame toward the victim’s head while saying, “Give me your keys!” The victim’s hair was singed by the fire, and parts of his jacket were burned and melted.

“The facts of this case are terrifying. To sneak up on a person from behind with a blow torch and then threaten them is absolutely unacceptable,” said Deputy District Attorney Christopher Shull. “I am satisfied that today’s sentence will serve the interests of justice in this case.”

The victim refused to give Walton the keys, and police arrested him nearby after the victim identified him, prosecutors said. In the news release, prosecutors said there was video surveillance of the incident.

Walton has a previous conviction for assaulting a Portland police officer in 2014, and told the officer at the time he was using meth, The Oregonian reported. Walton was also convicted of robbery in 2016 after attempting to steal two hatchets from a Home Depot.