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Three generations of women in the Loving and Lockwood families may have a stronger connection than a typical mother, daughter, grandmother relationship.

Julie Loving, 51, recently gave birth to her own granddaughter.

Loving’s daughter Brianna Lockwood was unable to conceive so Loving stepped in as a gestational carrier for her daughter and son-in-law, “Good Morning America” reported.

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On Nov. 2, she gave birth to Briar Juliette Lockwood and Lockwood was right by her mother’s side when her baby was born. She weighed 7 lbs., 1 oz., CBS News reported. Loving had to be induced 10 days before her due date and had to undergo an emergency cesarian section because of an issue with the baby’s umbilical cord. Otherwise, it was a normal pregnancy for Loving.

“It was definitely a surreal process. All the feelings came at once, just watching my mom go through everything and all she’s done for me and is continuing to do,” Lockwood told “Good Morning America.”

Lockwood married her husband Aaron Lockwood in 2016 and tried to start a family almost immediately. After a year, they went to a fertility specialist and had multiple in-virto fertilization, surgeries and several miscarriages, CBS News reported. None of the pregnancies went to term with doctors telling the couple that Brianna Lockwood’s uterus was unable to withstand pregnancy.

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Her doctor said she should consider a family member or friend to carry her baby. If she would use an agency to find a surrogate, it could cost more than $100,000.

Loving said she was prepared to carry her daughter’s child after running 19 marathons and multiple triathlons. She also said she had easy pregnancies with both of her children.

Loving had to undergo visits with specialists, her primary care physician, even a psychologist to be able to be her daughter’s surrogate. She had a successful embryo transfer in February on the first try and was pregnant in March, “Good Morning America” reported.