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Animal rescue crews have recovered dozens of dogs that had been abandoned in a home in Dyer, Tennessee.

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Officials said that 76 dogs were found in the trash-filled home, WPSD reported.

Animal Rescue Corps had been alerted by the Dyer Police Department after someone told them about the living conditions inside the home, WSMV reported.

Police called the situation “neglectful conditions,” WZTV reported.

The smell of ammonia from the dogs’ urine and feces could be smelled from the street, officials said, according to WBBJ.

Some of the dogs were pregnant and there were puppies, all did not have veterinary care that has led to what was called serious medical problems for several of the animals including bite wounds, infections, parasites and emaciation.

Officials said that the animals’ owners did feed the dogs at the home, WBBJ reported.

Kim Rezac, ARC’s director of animal welfare, told WPSD that they had to act “quickly to assemble the resources to be here today before these animals suffer one more night, and before one more litter of puppies is born in these conditions.”

Police and fire crews were also on-site to help the rescue corps in what is being called “Operation Holiday Heartbreak.”

They had to use thermal imaging to find all of the animals, some of which were hiding in chewed-out furniture and in the walls and floors of the home, WBBJ reported.

The dogs were all removed from the house and were assessed and documented before being taken to ARC’s Gallatin, Tennessee, facility, WSMV reported.

Eventually, the dogs will be placed with ARC partners across the country.

If you would like to help with the care of the animals, visit ARC’s donation site.