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ST. PAUL, Minn. – A group of squirrels is forcing organizers to pull back plans for a holiday display in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Friends of Mears Park is a group that normally puts lights on display, but said this year it was forced to rethink the way it celebrates because squirrels chewed through the lights’ wires last year, The Associated Press reported. The wires were coated with a derivative of corn sugar, which made them appealing to the rodents.

Part of the issue is residents feeding squirrels, an issue the city of St. Paul has tried to address, and Friends of Mears Park pleads with people on their website to not feed the animals.

This year, Friends of Mears Park is using a projector to create snowflakes and other lights to color the trees green and blue. “People look down from their condos or apartments and they want to see the twinkly lights. Well, we can’t have twinkly lights. It was probably this or nothing,” Ann LaBore, co-chair of Friends of Mears Park, told The Associated Press.