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SEDONA, Ariz. – A trio of hikers faced snowy and dangerous conditions while trapped on an Arizona mountain cliff for three days waiting for rescuers.

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The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office said the group had been hiking for about eight hours before they got stuck Sunday around 5 p.m. after rappelling down a cliff, KNXV reported.

“As we were getting to the second rappel point the blizzard came in. We couldn’t rappel down the second 150-foot drop,” Scott Brand, one of the hikers, said. “We decided to call the sheriff’s office and see if they could get someone over to us, or a drone up, or something. Then we found a little alcove to shelter in (to) wait it out.”

Facing dying cellphone batteries and dwindling supplies, the group called for help. Aerial rescues were slowed because of the poor weather conditions. The sheriff’s office tried to send supplies to the group with a drone, but one of the propellers broke. Rescuers hiked for two days through snow to reach the stranded hikers. But they also got stuck.

“They were about half a mile away from us. The problem was the conditions were so bad they couldn’t see the bottom of the drop. and some of their guys ended up getting stuck on that cliff face,” Brand said. “So they had to send up another team to rescue the rescue team.”

The group was eventually rescued Tuesday by a helicopter team.

“They flew over us at first. I said, ‘Oh no, maybe they didn’t see us,” Brand said. “Then they looped around. We waved at them again, and the crew chief leaned out and waved down at us. That was the best feeling in the world.”

The group will not make the same mistakes next time.

“Make sure you have a plan,” Brand said. “Make sure someone else, who doesn’t go with you, has your plan,” he said. “And make sure you have an extra pair of socks.”

The sheriff said the rescue serves as a warning to others.

“Considering the severe weather, these hikers are extremely lucky to be alive,” Sheriff David Rhodes said. “This is an important reminder to pay attention to the weather conditions before embarking on our trails. Winter or summer, Arizona trails can be dangerous if you aren’t prepared.”