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When will the world see a vaccine to protect the population from COVID-19?

Oxford University said it may have a vaccine ready by September, CBS News reported.

Scientists said that work on other viruses, including one similar to COVID-19, gave the lab a head start.

It has worked so far in macaque monkeys that were exposed to COVID-19. The virus had sickened other monkeys in the lab. After nearly a month, the monkeys were all still healthy, The New York Times reported.

It is also being put through human trials where 550 people were given the vaccine and 550 were given a placebo.

A drugmaker that is based in India will start producing the vaccine next month before it’s been given the green light to be used, CBS News reported.

But researchers at Oxford are not alone in trying to find a cure for coronavirus.

Pfizer is planning on testing its vaccine starting next week, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Moderna Inc. is getting ready to put its vaccine into its second phase of human testing.

Johnson & Johnson hopes to start testing its treatment on humans by September with emergency use in 2021.

Normally it takes more than 10 years for a vaccine to be developed from start to finish, according to The Wall Street Journal.