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7326 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074

Box Office Location:

The box office is located INSIDE THE LOBBY and is accessible from either hallway leading in from the parking garage entrance. Follow the posters away from the garage and towards the towers.

Box Office Phone Number: (713) 772-5900

Box Office Hours:

Monday – Friday, 10am – 6:00pm (Central Time)

Saturday & Sunday – Open at 12 noon ONLY if an event is scheduled. Please call ahead!

Purchasing Tickets:

All Arena Theatre events can be purchased directly at the box office, by phone at (713)772-5900, through authorized ticket outlets or online at On some occasions promoters that RENT the Arena Theatre may allow tickets to be available through other outlets. If such is the case the website event will note it.


There are NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES for tickets purchased. If an event is cancelled, tickets may be refunded at the box office or point of purchase. If a performance is cancelled and is not re-scheduled, the Arena Theatre may issue a refund for the FACE VALUE of the tickets ONLY and any fees over and above the FACE VALUE are NOT REFUNDABLE, including, but not limited to, facility and ticketing fees.

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