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We finally received the anticipated 10th album DONDA from Kanye West. The wait is finally over, but were all the listening parties and drama worth it?

So focusing on the features first, many fans were happy to hear Jay-Z verse on “Jail,” after rumors that it was removed for a DaBaby verse instead. One of the lines Hov spit that went trendy on social media was “Made in the imagine of God, that’s a selfie,” which can be added to all the Godly Hov lyrics in his arsenal.

Other features that stand out on the album are Ariana Grande and Tony Williams on “Donda,” Jay Electronica, The LOX, and Swizz Beatz on “Jesus Lord,” where Ye talks about his suicidal thoughts. One of the best features was Kanye’s mom on the intro track “Donda Chat,” which was a bittersweet way to kick off the album that is dedicated to her. However, if we are going with which artist had the best verse according to social media, it will be between Playboi Carti on “Junya,” or DaBaby on “Jail Pt. 2.”

With the big features listed, where does DONDA fall among all Kanye West’s albums? If you ask me it’s definitely not his best. An album with 27 songs, an hour and 49 minutes worth of music, you can’t afford too many misses. Features from Jay-Z, The LOX, Playboi Carti and others do help fans to keep pushing through the album. Overall the album is lackluster with outdated beats (with the same sound as past projects) and will fall behind many other albums in Ye’s catalog. With that said, it is hard to be too critical on this album because I understand that this was dedicated to West’s mother, who passed away in 2007.

Long story short, DONDA is here and will be the talk for the remainder of the year. However, this album doesn’t have replay value and I will be skipping to the few songs I like out of 27.