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NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. – A Rhode Island man said his faith has been restored in humanity after his community helped him recover from a robbery.

Guy Daniels told KDSA he has been selling chicken eggs on an honor system for the past few weeks in the town of New Kingstown.

He set up a table with a minifridge containing the eggs, plus a drawer of cash to make change and leave money. The eggs were sold for $3 per dozen.

“We don’t make a lot of money,” Daniels told KDSA. “It’s just for fun. It gives us something to do.”

Last week, Daniels went to check on his egg stand to find everything gone.

“The refrigerator, the money, the eggs; gone, stolen,” he said. “That was really cold-hearted. I would’ve given it to them if they asked for it if they knocked on my door … It was the dark-heartedness that really bummed us out.”

Frustrated, Daniels posted in a Facebook group of the town’s residents, explaining the situation.

“Did you need it so bad you had to steal from us?” he wrote. “I can’t afford to buy another fridge, so I’ll try using a cooler. What a discouraging way to start the day.”

Hundreds of people responded, offering to help.

Among them was Deb Lynn.

“I thought, ‘That’s terrible — in these trying times somebody is trying to sell eggs to make a little bit of money,’” Lynn told KDSA. “I had an extra minifridge, so I posted on there, ‘I have an extra one. I can drop it off at your house after work.’”

And just like that, Lynn dropped off the minifridge without ever meeting Daniels.

“I’d help anybody out,” she said. “What goes around comes around.”

Daniels, who received a second minifridge from another Facebook user, said he couldn’t be more appreciative.

“Makes you want to give. Makes you want to pass it on, pay it forward,” Daniels said.

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An egg thief stole from a Rhode Island man who now says his faith in humanity has been restore. (Image by Monicore from Pixabay)