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Next time Louis Angelino III wants to help out a friend and clean his home, he may want to double-check the address.

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Angelino, who works a normal job, cleans friends’ homes on the side for a bit of extra cash.

He also said it is a type of therapy after growing up as a messy kid.

So when he arrived at what he thought was a friend of a friend’s condo in South Jersey, he looked for the key under the mat. Like he was told, there was one, and he went in and got to work, even making friends with the two cats in the condo.

But when the man, Mark, called, he knew something was up.

“I’m a cat person. I’m, like, petting her, and I get a call from Mark and Mark’s like, ‘Hey, did you come today?’” Angelino told WCBS.

He told Mark that he was in the living room petting his cat. That’s when Mark broke the news that he didn’t have a cat Angelino told WCBS.

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The home was undergoing renovations and was on the messy side, reported.

After more than two hours of cleaning, the work was done and Angelino left, leaving a note behind that he went to the wrong home to clean and added his name and phone number, according to

That’s when Tom Motzel called his wife Beth when he got home from work after he made the discovery that someone had cleaned.

“He said, ‘You won’t believe it. Someone broke into our house and cleaned the entire thing,’” Beth Motzel told WCBS.

“Come to find out I cleaned the wrong apartment and broke in and cleaned somebody’s random apartment. You’re welcome?” Angelino said.

Eventually, they got in touch with each other and laughed about what happened. She also promised to keep his number in case they need another house cleaning, reported.

Now he’s getting requests on TikTok to start a business as a cleaning fairy, WCBS reported.

Angelino said he didn’t get paid for the work, but he’s fine with that.

“A lot of people in the comment section were saying stuff along the lines of, ‘I can’t believe she didn’t pay you.’ At the end of the day, I am OK with not getting paid for accidentally breaking into someone’s apartment and cleaning it because things could have been far worse. The cops could have been called. There could have been a lawsuit. The fact that they were so cool with it was the reward in itself. I was able to laugh it off and not have to worry about it, and it be a cool story to tell,” Angelino told