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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A group of men who were playing flag football in Jacksonville last weekend are credited with saving a man’s life.

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Sean Battles, Zach Thomas, Justin Johnson and Abereon Brown were among the group playing flag football when the car went into the pond at the park where they were playing, WJAX reported.

“That was probably the most wild Saturday that we’ve seen in a long time,” Battles told WJAX.

The group immediately sprang into action, with one person getting into the car on the passenger side to unlock the doors, allowing others to pull the driver to safety.

“We don’t know who the guy is or nothing like that, but we just came together like we always do and we just wanted to get that guy out of harm’s way,” Battles told WJAX.

Cellphone video shows the players working together to pull the driver out of the car in waist-deep water.

“Just don’t let him die, not right here, not in front of us, and not like that,” Johnson told WJAX.

The men said they still don’t know who the man is, but are still thinking about him.

“I would love to meet the guy, honestly. Just to let him know that there are people out here who care. Come out here every Saturday. We’ll open our arms to you, no problem,” Battles told WJAX.

“Come out here and play football, we’ll put him on a team and treat him like family,” Thomas said.

A spokesperson for the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department told WJAX that they responded and that there were no injuries from the incident.