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A woman who was out hiking in Texas is recovering after she said she was gored by a bison.

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Rebecca Clark posted a video of the animal attack last week on TikTok, NBC News reported.

NBC News could not confirm exactly when the incident happened.

She said she was hiking alone at the Caprock Canyons State Park & Trailway when a group of three bison passed ahead of her.

Clark said, “I don’t want to deal with them. I just want to go by,” in the graphic video that may be too intense for some viewers.

At first, she was able to pass by the group and give them space, but shortly after, a bison charged her.

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Clark posted a second video a few days later saying that the large animal “rammed my back, gored me and threw me into a mesquite bush where I laid for 50 minutes.”

Clark said that cellphone service was limited. She said she could not call 911 but was able to get messages to family and friends who contacted first responders, My San Antonio reported.

She said she had to be rescued by a helicopter and taken to a nearby hospital, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said that bison, which are the largest land animal in North America, require at least 50 yards between them and people. They suggest using a rule of thumb literally — stick your arm out straight and give the bison a thumbs-up. If your thumb doesn’t completely cover the animal, then you’re too close, My San Antonio reported.

Bison will signal their agitation with their tails, holding them up in the shape of a question mark. They will also paw the ground and lower their heads, according to wildlife officials and My San Antonio.