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Federal agents claim they have torpedoed the efforts of a man who said he used his submarine business to smuggle drugs into the United States.

Charges have surfaced in federal court against Glen Richard Mousseau, 49, of Windsor, Ontario, The Detroit News reported.

According to federal agents, Mousseau attempted to escape after being detained last month and was found unconscious in the Detroit River and tethered to 265 pounds of marijuana between Michigan and Ontario, the newspaper reported.

“Smugglers try out all means when trying to smuggle things into the United States,” Kris Grogan, a Customs and Border Protection spokesperson, told the News on Friday.

Mousseau made an initial appearance Friday in federal court to face drug possession, smuggling and immigration charges, the newspaper reported. If convicted, Mousseau could face a prison term of more than 10 years. He is being held without bond and will appear in court again Tuesday.

Mousseau was first arrested May 10 while driving a U-Haul truck in St. Clair County, about 49 miles northeast of Detroit, the Detroit Free Press reported. According to authorities, Mousseau had $97,000 in his possession.

Mousseau had agreed to stay at a hotel while agents investigated the case, but authorities said he disappeared May 22, the newspaper reported. While interviewed by Homeland Security agents, Mousseau said he had illegally entered the U.S., according to court records.

“During that interview, Mousseau stated that he directs a smuggling organization that moves money and narcotics between Canada and the United States,” Homeland Security Special Agent Christopher Leonard wrote in an affidavit filed in federal court.

Mousseau told investigators his organization had successfully smuggled marijuana, cocaine or money via submarine approximately seven times, according to the affidavit.

Mousseau allegedly admitted he owned a submarine, which was seized by U.S. Border Patrol agents April 23, the News reported.

According to WDIV, Mousseau told Homeland Security agents at 9 p.m. May 21 that he would provide information the next day about a multiple kilogram methamphetamine shipment arriving in Detroit.

On May 22, security cameras showed Mousseau walking away from the hotel, the News reported.

On Friday, federal agents found Mousseau floating and unconscious east of Celeron Island, the newspaper reported.

The agents pulled Mousseau from the river and saw a tow strap attached to his body, WDIV reported. The strap was connected to large bundles floating in the river, the television station reported.

“Agents found that the bundles contained approximately 265 pounds of suspected marijuana,” Leonard wrote in the affidavit.