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The tallest man in America has died.

Igor Vovkovinskiy was 38 years old.

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Vovkovinskiy, who was originally born in Bar, Ukraine in 1982, died Friday at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, of heart disease, The Associated Press reported.

He grew to 7 feet, 8.33 inches because of a tumor that had been pressing against his pituitary gland and caused it to secrete abnormal amounts of growth hormones.

He had gone to Minnesota for treatment and decided to stay in the area.

His brother, Oleh Ladan, said that Vovkovinskiy became a celebrity when he went to the area during the end of the Cold War in the late 1980s. But Ladan said that his brother would have been happier with a life outside of the spotlight, the AP reported.

It was determined that Vovkovinskiy was the tallest person in America during an appearance on the “Dr. Oz” show in 2010 where a representative from Guinness World Records took his height measurement and determined he was one-third of an inch taller than a sheriff’s deputy from Virginia.

In addition to his 7 feet, 8.33-inch height, Vovkovinskiy had size 26, 10E feet and needed specialy-made shoes to allow him to have footwear that didn’t cause pain. During a push for donations to cover the shoes’ $16,000 cost in 2012, he said he hadn’t owned a pair of shoes that fit for years. More than double the amount was raised, but Reebok made him the shoes for free, the AP reported.