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LOS ANGELES – A class action lawsuit filed in California accuses a cannabis company of intentionally mislabeling products to suggest a higher THC content.

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The complaint, filed by Dovel & Luner on behalf of Jasper Centeno and Blake Wilson, accuses the makers of “Jeeter” products of overcharging customers and violating consumer protection laws by selling products with a lower THC content than listed.

California law requires cannabis products to display the item’s THC content. THC is the primary psychoactive substance in cannabis, and is the chemical responsible for making people feel high.

In the complaint, attorneys argue that the THC declared on the label of Jeeter’s products is higher than other competitors, citing pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes that are listed as having a THC content in excess of 35%, but that independent testing revealed the actual amount of THC in the product is “far greater than the 10% margin of error” allowed by California law.

Jeeter Complaint by National Content Desk on Scribd

In a news release announcing the lawsuit, Dovel & Luner said Jeeter overstates the amount of THC in its products by as much as 70-100%, and that by labeling its products with “inflated” numbers, the company is overcharging customers who are willing to pay more for a product with more THC.

The lawsuit cites testing done by WeedWeek that found seven brands of prerolls in California were guilty of “potency inflation.”

In a statement, Jeeter said, “The allegations regarding our THC levels are false. We take pride in our compliance and commitment to state mandated testing procedures, including independent, third-party testing. The product and our integrity is something we truly value as a company, and take all the proper and legal steps before our product hits the shelves. We built this company with a foundation of morals, values and culture, and our love for cannibis … However baseless and ridiculous these claims are, we take them very seriously and look forward to the truth coming to light.”