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WEST FARGO, N.D. – A server at a North Dakota diner will never forget these customers.

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Kayley Schaeffer, who works at Deaner’s Diner in West Fargo, received a $700 tip on Tuesday from seven women who were business owners in the area, KVLY reported.

The 19-year-old server was about to go on her break when the women walked in, the television station reported

“We had asked her to come back a couple times and she’s probably like, ‘Oh my gosh these guys are so annoying,’” Kjirsten Wood told KVLY.

Schaeffer, who studies at Minnesota State Community and Technical College in nearby Fergus Falls, did not know that the point of the women’s lunch was to pull off a “Shock and Claus,” the television station reported.

Each of the seven women left Schaeffer a $100 tip.

“She was telling us a little bit about her story and we were all just looking around at the table at each other like, ‘Don’t cry.’” Ashley Mikkelson told KVLY. “She had no idea what was happening.”

Schaeffer had recently lost her mother, was caring for her younger sister, who was suffering from health issues, and just had a relationship fizzle.

The tip was an overwhelming lift to the server.

“There are good people still, and there are many of them,” Schaeffer told KVLY. “They come in ways you would never expect. This was 100% one of those.”

“I think she touched us more than we touched her,” Mikkelson told the television station. “A dollar amount meant nothing to us. I don’t have words.”

Schaeffer now said she plans on bringing together a group of friends to shock a server with a generous tip.

“After this, it shows how much it can change someone’s life,” she told KVLY.