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Wonder why she still doesn’t have that purrr-fect home?

Perdita is being called the “World’s Worst Cat” by workers at the Mitchell County Animal Rescue in Spruce Pine, North Carolina.

She was abandoned when her owner died and was taken to the shelter on Christmas Eve, ABC News reported.

A month later, the 4-year-old domestic shorthair still doesn’t have a permanent home.

Maybe that’s because she will pretend to give affection, but then starts to growl and swat, even, as she is rubbing against someone’s leg, ABC News reported.

Perdita’s caretakers tried to get the word out about her availability, but she scowled through her entire photo shoot with a permanent grumpy face.

Shelter workers said they’ve tried this overly honest tactic before to help get pets who are deemed stubborn into new homes and they hope the same rings true for Perdita, CNN reported.

“We thought if we highlighted [her personality] in a humorous way, the person with a personality to match hers can adopt,” Amber Lowery, the shelter’s executive director, told CNN.