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MESA, Ariz. – An Arizona man is accused of plotting with a woman to kill his wife by poisoning her with fentanyl, authorities said.

Dallas Anthony Michaels, 42, of Mesa, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation to possess narcotics, according to Maricopa County court records. According to investigators, Michaels admitted talking to the woman about killing his wife but later said that was not his real plan, KTVK reported.

According to detectives, the woman contacted police in mid-June, KNXV reported. Police said the woman told authorities that Michaels was looking for fentanyl, was in a long-term affair and wanted to collect on his wife’s life insurance policy, the television station reported.

The woman allegedly told police that Michaels wanted to poison his wife’s drink with fentanyl, and he needed her assistance to get the opioid, KTVK reported.

According to the Mesa Police Department, investigators obtained texts between Michaels and the woman. The texts confirmed that Michaels was going to California on a family trip and was “doing it then,” the television station reported.

Detectives said Michaels admitted to talking with the woman, but told authorities he was more interested in harming himself, KNXV reported.