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Meta announced Thursday they are launching a new feature that can connect you more with your friends and family while becoming more interactive like the TikTok app.

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The Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said on Facebook that Meta has launched a Feeds tab where you can connect better with your friends, family, groups, Pages you follow and much more after many requests for some like it to be added to Facebook. The new tab will also allow you to see everything in chronological order.

The app will still open to a personalized feed on the Home tab, where our discovery engine will recommend the content we think you’ll care most about. But the Feeds tab will give you a way to customize and control your experience further,” said Zuckerberg.

Meta has been working to bring back users and get them more engaged in the Facebook app like before as the social media climate has changed and evolved in the last couple of years. The Washington Post said in the 18-year history of Facebook, the app lost daily users for the first time during the last three months of 2021 while TikTok grew in the United States to over 110 million users.

According to the New York Times, the new tab will help to change how the way people use Facebook and make it similar to other competing apps like TikTok.

The Home tab or the “Suggested for You” tab will be updated to follow Facebook’s algorithm more. It will basically work based on what Facebook things someone may like to see along with the user’s browsing history on the network and so much, according to the NYT. Users should also expect to see more short-form videos and Reels in the Home tab.

“While Facebook has historically connected people to content produced by their friends, the video-based TikTok relies on algorithmic signals and viral content to show viewers highly engaging posts, without having to rely on someone’s network of friends or connections,” said the NYT.

According to CNN, in the Feeds tab, users can create a “favorites” feed to help filter their friends, pages and groups that they want more content from.

The NYT said that the reason Meta is making this change is their way of trying to get people to use Facebook and Instagram more.

TikTok’s success is driven by discovery, said the NYT. Discovery is based on algorithms and understanding what content the user likes or prefers so that they can have a better user experience which is what Meta is going for.

The new Facebook app update will reach audiences globally over the next week starting on Thursday, according to the NYT.