Listen Live

A new study of people under 30 year old, 80% responded that it would be “IMPOSSIBLE” to drive without music! 90% listen to “upbeat” music on the way to a party. 65% listen to “fast-paced” music on the way to work. On a road trip, a whopping 97% want to listen to several short songs instead of long songs.

“To young drivers 18-29, music in the car isn’t just entertainment, it’s part of their autosphere whether they’re alone or not,” says the director of the BGU Music Science Lab, Prof. Warren Brodsky “They are so used to constant stimulation and absorbing great amounts of information throughout the day, that they don’t question how the type of tunes they play might affect concentration, induce aggressive behavior, or cause them to miscalculate risky situations.”

So, people under 30 love fun music and have to listen to it while driving. In other words, things haven’t changed that much since we were under 30…haha…As a DJ, thank you for listening, but drive safely!

— Doug O’Brien