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An Oklahoma lawmaker filed a bill Wednesday that would establish the state’s first Bigfoot hunting season.

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Rep. Justin “J.J.” Humphrey filed the bill asking the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission to set annual dates, create hunting licenses and establish fees that, if approved, would take effect later this year, KOKI reported.

Humphrey represents Atoka, Bryan, Choctaw and Pushmataha counties, an area in southeastern Oklahoma known for bigfoot sightings. There is even a bigfoot festival held in the area.

Legends of bigfoot, a large mythical creature with sightings throughout the U.S. and other continents, have fascinated the public for centuries.

A TV series “Finding Bigfoot” aired for 11 seasons without ever coming across a sasquatch. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization tracks sightings across the U.S.

In 1976, an Oregon man who spent much of his life trying to find a Bigfoot, sent hair and tissue samples to the FBI for testing. A year later, the FBI returned the samples with a letter. They wrote, “It was concluded as a result of these examinations that the hairs are of deer origin.”

If the law is passed it would take effect Nov. 1.