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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Florida schoolteacher says he was one of those hurt in a deadly mass shooting Sunday at a “Madden” video game tournament in Jacksonville.

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Two people were killed and nine injured by gunfire, police said. Two others sustained injuries that were not gunshot wounds, according to authorities.

The suspected gunman, David Katz, killed himself, officials said.

Dalton Kent, of Port St. Lucie, said he suffered a gunshot wound to the ankle.

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“While the shooting happened a bullet ricocheted and hit my foot, and then once the shooting stopped we all kind of just ran away,” Kent said. “I waved down an ambulance … and they stopped”

He added: “When it happened, every time they shot, I was hoping they wouldn’t hit me. Really glad to be alive.”

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Posted by Action News Jax on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Kent said he was in Jacksonville for the tournament. He said one of his friends was also shot and was badly injured.

“(My friend Larry) was shot two times,” Kent said. “He’s one of the ones in critical condition. Hopefully, he comes through.”

Three people who said they were at the Madden NFL Championship Series tweeted about the incident shortly after shots rang out:





Another witness from outside the tournament said he tried to help save people after the shooting.

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“I applied pressure to the pulse; there was no pulse,” the witness said. “When I took my shirt off, my brand new white T-shirt that I had, I applied pressure to the wound. I felt the pulse, I felt the pulse and then he spit up a little blood.”

EA Sports Madden NFL also tweeted about the shooting: