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If you’re afraid of misplacing your coronavirus vaccination card, then a San Diego company may have a solution.

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It’s called an ImmunaBand and it’s a simple bracelet that displays information that you’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19, CNN reported.

There are two variations of the blue silicon bracelet. One has a person’s name and vaccine listed on it. The other has just a QR code that can be scanned to get the person’s status.

So far restaurants in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania have purchased bands for employees to show patrons that the people who are handling their food are vaccinated against the coronavirus, CNN reported.

Once the bracelet is purchased, the person then sends a copy of their vaccine card to the company that loads the information onto an encrypted website, KSWB reported.

Not all agree that bracelets are needed. One person interviewed by KSWB who did not give her name, said, “It’s a little too much. Sometimes you go to a restaurant and you don’t even know the waiter’s name. I don’t need to know their medical history like that.”

Despite that woman’s feelings, the company said it has sold thousands of bracelets since they went on sale three weeks ago, KSWB reported.

Developer Dr. Toshof Bernton said travel and hospitality companies are buying bracelets for employees.

The bracelets cost $19.99 and can be ordered here.

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