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YUMA, Ariz. – An Arizona woman and her dog were rescued earlier in the week 18 hours after they fell into a canal in Yuma.

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The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday that it received a call about a person in distress in a canal. When deputies arrived on the scene, they were met by Wellton police officers who were working to get a woman and her dog out of the canal.

KSAZ said the canal current was strong and fast, which made it nearly impossible for the woman and her 55-pound dog to make it onto a tree.

YCSO says during the woman’s rescue, the rope that rescuers were using to get her out, broke. YCSO Senior Deputy Rice used his K-9 long line leash, created a loop, and lassoed it around her. They were able to get out safely.

Wellton firefighters transported her to a local hospital for evaluation. Both the woman and her dog survived and did not have serious injuries, according to YCSO.

YCSO and WPD shared bodycam video of the rescue on their Facebook pages.

“We want to thank everyone involved in assisting with this rescue, including the train conductor who spotted the subject in the water and called 911,” said YCSO.

According to YCSO, the woman had let her dog run around and didn’t know there was a canal.

The woman was working in the area when she let her dog run off, according to KSAZ.

She saw her dog get into the water but was unable to get out, so she attempted to get her dog out and got stuck herself. YCSO said that she got into the water around Tuesday evening just before 7 p.m. The next day a train conductor passing by drove by, noticed her in the canal and called 911.

KSAZ says the train conductor who spotted the woman was in the eighth train that went by that day.