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5/14/2019 – Sam Hunt is BACK BABY! For the first time, in what feels like MONTHS, Sam Hunt performed as a headliner! It was back at the end of April at Stagecoach Music Festival in California. While he was there he sat down and did some radio interviews and Sam spilled the beans that new music and a new tour is coming!

He said that he has been intentionally off the grid and  keeping a light workload so he could focus on studio work. The record will get done “come hell or high water.” Also, he said that he will be touring in 2020!

“I’ll start recording the best of the last 10, 11, 12 months … in July and August, and I should have a record there,” Hunt explains. “The songs are showing up. I would like to have two or three more between now and July, but for the most part, the record’s there. It’s just a matter of recording it.”

Is this even real life?!