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PITTSFORD, N.Y. – Benjamin Smith and Marcus Ellis had a simple message for people who are like them — a white man and an African American man, who are best friends — “Black or White, Relax and Have a Beer.” Their beer movement comes as cities all over the world are the sites of protests after the killing of George Floyd.

The pair then put out a few lawn chairs and sat in front of Smith’s home in Pittsford, New York, with signs inviting anyone to sit back and crack open a cold brew, WROC reported.

The had a few people stop by, but one visitor was a bit of a surprise.


News of their front yard beer pub spread across the country and caught the eye of country singer Brad Paisley, who helped get their message out to his legions of fans.

Saturday, Paisley dropped in virtually on their front yard beverage break thanks to Zoom, WROC reported.


He also bought a round — actually make that an entire warehouse — to help make sure there was enough beer to go around, including the new Bud Light that ties into his new song “No ‘I’ In Beer.” He partnered with Bud Light to produce I-less beers that the guys just happened to be sharing when the started their front yard fellowship fermented by barley and hops.


Paisley has been speaking out online supporting the peaceful protests that have been happening for almost two weeks, People magazine reported.

Not only has the singer posted photos and videos of the demonstrations from Nashville online, but he also shared his phone number with his fans, telling them to share with them how they are dealing with the social upheaval and what they’ve learned during this time of change, according to People magazine.