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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. – An unusual customer had the employees at a Dollar General in Florida calling the police for help. A giant dog was inside and refusing to leave.

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The Bradenton Police Department shared a video from an officer’s body-worn camera on its Facebook page. The video shows officers responding to the store, where a large dog was roaming the aisles.

The video makes it clear that the dog wasn’t aggressive or trying to cause any commotion.

“So he just walked in?” One officer asks upon arriving at the store.

“I tried using my leg restraints, but the dog’s too big,” a male officer can be heard saying over the radio, as he asks for a leash to remove the dog.

Deputies told WFLA that the 135-pound dog, whose name is Bentley, broke through a gate and walked several blocks to get to the store, where he spent a few hours browsing.

When Bentley’s owner saw that he was missing, he was able to come get the animal, and the pair was reunited. Officers joked in their post: “Fortunately, Bentley does have a microchip — or maybe a megachip?!”