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DES MOINES, Iowa – While some protesters have been loud during the demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd’s death, an Iowa artist is projecting a more subtle approach.

In the cornfields of Iowa, Robert Moore has thrown 80-foot images of Floyd, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X onto silos, KCCI reported. The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is also projected onto the silos.

Moore, who calls his project “Harvesting Humanity,” said his goal is to highlight the gaps in diversity, landscape and the community that he has experienced in his home state, the television station reported.


“Human nature is fear of the unknown and when we don’t have exposure to those topics, those people, those cultures or those experiences, I can’t expect anyone to resonate with any of those or have a vested interest,” Moore told KCCI. “So I wanted to do that by having a connection to that silo, connection to that rural area, connection to that landscape.”

Moore said he received permission from the property owner to project his dozens of images onto the silo. One night, however, Moore said he had an uneasy moment when a car slowly approached the silos while he and his crew were setting up.

The driver stepped out and delivered a none-too-subtle message, but one that resonated with Moore.

“A lady bawling and she said, ‘You have no idea how much this means to me. My son is mixed. He grew up in rural Iowa. He has no representation,'” Moore told KCCI. “And little did she know how much this actually means to me.”

If you project it, they will come.

Moore said he had similar experiences while growing up in rural Iowa with his white cousins.

“I wanted to use that hopefully as leverage for again provoking thought or conversation at least,” Moore told KCCI.