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“Jackpot” peanut butter is raising money to save live music in England. It’s vegan-friendly, gluten free, and a portion of profits will go to Music Venue Trust. It was announced earlier this year, that over 500 U.K. live music venues were in danger of closing.

According to the manufacturer, “Jackpot is the only peanut butter which supports jams!”…“Jackpot has got a pot suitable for everyone this Christmas – whether they’ve been good, bad or downright naughty!”

The actual name of the peanut butter is something that is definitely not safe for work, but for a little extra you can customize the label with anything you want.

Customize "Jackpot" peanut butter label (

It also comes in various flavors. Besides the original, you can also get wasabi, and raspberry. It’s made in the UK, but the premium peanuts are All-American from Georgia and the Virginias.

Here in the U.S., Billboard wrote that according to the recently formed National Independent Venues Association, “nine out of 10 of its nearly 3,000 members will close” by the end of 2020.

Great job “Jackpot” peanut butter, let’s see if “Jif”, “Skippy”, or any U.S. company will do the same here in the states while we wait for Congress to pass the Save Our Stages Act.

If you want to order “Jackpot” peanut butter, here’s a link:

“Jackpot” peanut butter is donating proceeds to save live music.

— Doug O’Brien