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GOLD COAST, Australia – The driver of an extremely rare and exceptionally pricey Ferrari F40 crashed the super car during a test drive Friday in Australia.

Two people were inside the vehicle when the driver lost control of the nearly $2 million vehicle, hitting several sign posts before landing on an incline on the side of the road, 7News reported.

“It’s pretty stuffed,” Gold Coast police told 7News.

Investigators believe excess speed is to blame and issued the driver a citation for “not being in control of the vehicle,” 7News reported. The twin turbo engine produces nearly 500 horsepower and 425-lb-ft of torque without driving aids like traction control, taking a skillful driver to handle.

A license plate on the back of the vehicle indicated it was on a test drive, reported.

No one was injured.

Ferrari built 1,311 versions of the mid-engine, rear-wheel drive exotic car from 1987 to 1992. Racing versions of the vehicle were also developed through the mid-1990s.

There are two examples of the car available for sale in Australia.

A 1987 F40 in Sydney is listed for $1.67 million and a 1991 version in Brisbane is available for $1.8 million, reported.

In the U.S., a 1991 F40 is available in August through an online Sotheby’s auction.

Earlier this year, a Ferrari F40 caught on fire in Monaco. The damage was mostly cosmetic and the car is being restored, according to Carbuzz.

It was unclear if the wrecked car was a real F40 or a replica.

“Crikey… if it’s a real, this is an expensive mistake,” police told 7News.