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NEW YORK – The New York City Council wants to crack down on illegal parking and it has come up with a way to not only clear the streets but also put money in people’s pockets.

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The city council has introduced a bill that would make it a finable offense to park in a bike lane, bus lane or crosswalk and allow payment to people who report others in the illegal areas, WPIX reported.

If the offender is ticketed, the person who filed the report would get a quarter of the fine.

This isn’t the first time the city has paid people to snitch on each other.

The Department of Environmental Protection allows people to report if a truck or bus sits idling. They can file a complaint and then get 25% of the penalty. That comes to $87.50 of the $350 fine, WNBC reported.

The city has fielded 2,000 complaints and paid $175,000 in rewards.