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WYANDOTTE, Mich. – Michigan firefighters rescued a dog on Monday who had wandered onto an ice floe and drifted on the Detroit River.

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Lucy, a Labradoodle who was recently adopted, managed to scramble onto the chunk of ice and was freezing, The Detroit Free Press reported. Members of the Wyandotte Fire Department managed to coax the dog off the ice. The terrified pooch had gotten away from her owner while on a walk and jumped into the icy river, the department wrote on its Facebook page.

Firefighters waded into the river in insulated wet suits to save Lucy, the Free Press reported. The rescue effort took about 30 minutes.

“It had such a happy outcome,” Wyandotte Assistant Fire Chief Tom Lyon told the newspaper. “She just had those big brown eyes, and she couldn’t talk, but she probably was just so grateful.”

Firefighters nudged the ice toward the riverbank and then used a “catchpole” to grab Lucy by her neck, the department wrote on Facebook. The rescuer, firefighter Derrek Azzopard, stood on a slippery ladder that was submerged in the river, according to the Free Press. Co-workers held onto him with a rope.

Azzopard went in the water when the ice floe was 15 to 20 feet from the shore and then used the pole to save the canine. The firefighter handed Lucy over to another fireman, Thomas Cunningham, who wrapped the dog in a warm blanket, the newspaper reported.

“Truly an amazing and awesome rescue,” the fire department wrote in its Facebook post.

The dog, estimated to be around 80 pounds, eluded her new owners and wound up on the river. Neighbors who spotted the animal on the ice called 911 to report it, the Free Press reported.

“If not for that,” Wyandotte Deputy Police Chief Archie Hamilton told the newspaper, “that dog would have froze to death or drowned.”