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PENDER COUNTY, N.C. – A nonchalant start to the day quickly devolves for a North Carolina couple when a man must hurl a rabid bobcat that attacks his wife as they walk to their car, a widely viewed video shows.

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“This was a wild 46 seconds,” the caption to the video on social media reads.

A family’s home surveillance camera shows a man wave to a jogger and casually walk to the driver side of an SUV in the driveway.

“I need to wash my car,” the man, known as “Happy,” said as he sets down his coffee and goes to place items into the vehicle.

That’s when things get wild.

A shrill, hair raising screech is heard and then a woman holding an animal carrier on the passenger side screams as a bobcat is seen clutching her back.

“Oh my god. Run, Happy run,” she yells.

The man runs over to her, grabs the wild cat and while holding it yells, “Oh my god, it’s a bobcat” before he hurls it like a shotput across the lawn.

The bobcat quickly recovers and runs toward the woman again. The man chases after it.

“I’m going to shoot that (expletive),” he yells. “Watch out! It’s a bobcat! A bobcat attacked my wife,” he says to the jogger who had circled back.

The Pender County Sheriff’s Office confirmed a bobcat that was killed April 9 tested positive for rabies, WECT reported. The agency urged residents to vaccinate their pets against rabies.