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HOMEWOOD, Ala. – A 7-year-old girl from Alabama needed to undergo brain surgery to help fix three malformations that have been causing Grand Mal seizures.

So Liza Scott took her health into her own hands, creating a special lemonade and selling it at a stand inside of a Homewood bakery to help pay the cost of her medical care.

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Liza was recently diagnosed with a disorder called schizenchephaly, or a cleft in the frontal lobe in the right side of her brain, WIAT reported.

Each glass of lemonade will help pay for Liza’s surgeries.

Between her lemonade stand and her Mighty Cause fundraiser campaign, she has raised more than $256,000 to help offset the cost of the surgery.

Her mom, Elisabeth Scott, bought extra insurance to help pay for the surgery, but since they have to go to Boston for the procedures, there are added costs for travel, hotels and almost $10,000 of out-of-pocket expenses, WIAT reported.

Like anyone in her situation, Liza is afraid of what she is facing.

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“I can’t handle it. So, I hope I make it,” Liza told WIAT. “My mom keeps saying I’m going to, but I feel like I’m not.”

The procedures will help prevent more seizures and strokes, her Mighty Cause page said.

The family is also accepting donations via mail that can be sent to her mother’s bakery, Savage’s Bakery, located at 2916 18th Street South, Homewood, Alabama, 35209, reported.