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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A large snake was a big surprise for a California homeowner, who found the reptile behind a cushion on his couch.

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Alex Trejo, who owns So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal, posted a video on Facebook showing him with the animal. In the video he says, “I don’t know what to do right now,” just as the reptile lunges at him.

Trejo told KGTV, “I literally lift the cushion and there’s this giant seven-foot Vietnamese blue beauty rat snake is just coiled up right behind the cushion.”

The snake is rare, with Trejo telling the station, “You’d be more lucky to find a Rolex sitting on the ground than a snake like this.”

The snakes aren’t venomous, but do bite and can grow to be eight-feet long, KGTV reported.

Trejo told KGTV the snake has a respiratory infection, likely because it thrives in tropical weather and was outside of a controlled climate for an extended period of time.

The homeowner said the snake does not belong to him, and at this point it’s unclear where the animal came from.