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A kangaroo is on the loose, hopping around a small Alabama town.

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Kangaroo Jack was being transported to Tennessee but was being held temporarily in Winfield, Alabama, WBRC reported.

The kangaroo was on its way from Mississippi.

When transport crews from B&H Livestock were trying to get him to his temporary layover, he slipped through a worker’s hands and hopped away.

Braxton Basinger was going to keep the kangaroo at his home in Winfield until delivery day Thursday, reported.

“I let one of my workers get him out of the trailer and I told him, ‘Don’t let go of him,’ and sure enough he lets go of him,” Basinger told

Basinger told WBRC his crew normally transports exotic animals but rarely works with kangaroos.

So far, three tries to wrangle the ‘roo have come up short, WBRC reported.