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When Dwayne Johnson was in college, he had plans of playing in the Super Bowl, but plans change. Iinstead of finding a career on the gridiron, Johnson became “The Rock,” and was a star of the wrestling ring and eventually the big screen.

But Johnson has never forgotten his college days, especially Sunday during the Super Bowl, when a piece of sports history went on the online auction block.

He shared Sunday that his rookie card from the University of Miami was sold at auction for $45,000 before kickoff.

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Johnson played on Miami’s 1991 championship team, Entertainment Weekly said.

The cards highlighting his rookie season in 1990 are considered rare, with only about 50 known to exist. They were printed in 1994 and handed out at the Orange Bowl. However, since it rained, many people who went to the game didn’t keep them.

The value of the card has been going up over the years. One sold in 2014 for around $4,000 and another sold in December for $14,000, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Johnson didn’t have an NFL career but was signed by the Canadian Football League, Entertainment Tonight Canada reported. That’s when he decided to become a wrestler just like his father, Entertainment Weekly reported.