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The world’s largest retailer is hiring.

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Stores in Tennessee are looking for hundreds of employees to stock shelves and help customers. They are offering a slate of benefits including health insurance, 401K and paid vacation, WCRB reported.

“It’s an incredibly competitive work environment right now. People don’t necessarily have to have a job right now,” Jessica Johnson, a store lead at a Tennessee Walmart, told WCRB. “Our store and the surrounding stores are looking to hire between 100 and 150 associates to work 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.”

Johnson said company changes moved the majority of shelf stocking to overnight. And while stores increased self-checkout aisles, there is still one cashier for every four self checkouts, she said.

“We really want customers to be to come in and get to what they need quickly and we don’t want them to have to walk around carts of freight or associates stocking,” Johnson told WCRB. “The focus on day shift is now going to be solely customer service, so we’re adding more people to third shift.”

In Missouri, a distribution center is hiring 60 employees offering hourly pay topping $21.90 an hour, in addition to vision, dental and an incentive program that offers access to college degrees for $1 a day, the New Albany Gazette reported.

The hiring sprees are part of a plan to hire thousands of new supply chain workers across the country, according to the Gazette.

“Whether customers are shopping in stores or online, they are relying on Walmart now more than ever for the necessary items they need every day,” Tim Cooper, senior vice president of Walmart U.S. Supply Chain, told the Gazette. “Our grocery distribution centers are critical to helping ensure our local stores have what our customers need to feed their families, so we’re looking for the very best talent we can find to both help us meet demand and grow jobs into careers.”