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BLACKFOOT, Idaho – A county prosecutor has joined a city mayor and the police force in asking a sheriff to resign, after that sheriff was charged with threatening a youth group.

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Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland is charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and misdemeanor exhibition of a gun, The Associated Press reported.

On Nov. 9, a church youth group was placing homemade “thankful turkeys” on the doors of members of the congregation, KSL-TV reported. The group of girls, ages 12 to 16, along with their adult leader, visited the neighborhood to leave the notes.

The sheriff told police he heard a knock at his door. Concerned that someone was trying to break in, he grabbed his gun and went outside, KSL-TV reported.

Both members of the youth group and the adult supervising them told police that Rowland went after their car, stopping it from driving away, pulled the driver out of the car by her hair, and pointed his gun at her head, The Associated Press reported.

Investigators with the attorney general’s office reviewed Ring camera footage from the sheriff’s doorbell, which appeared to show him reading the “thankful turkey” note before reacting with an expletive and calling for his wife to get his gun, KTVB reported.

Craig Rowland took a leave of absence during the investigation but has since returned to work, The Washington Post reported.