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After six decades, the currency of the United Kingdom will be changing and the Bank of England has unveiled new bank notes showing the portrait of King Charles III.

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The money won’t be circulated until mid-2024, according to the Bank of England.

The image of King Charles III will be on all four polymer bank notes — £5, £10, £20 and £50 — but the rest of the design will be the same as the current money.

Despite the change of regent, the bank notes that feature Queen Elizabeth II will continue to be legal tender and will only be replaced with the king’s version when the queen’s currency is worn or if there’s an increase in demand for bills.

In addition to the main portrait, King Charles will also be in the see-through secret window.

The bank said paper bank notes are no longer legal tender, only notes made from polymer. If anyone has paper currency, it can be exchanged with the Bank of England for legal currency.