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Collegedale, Tenn. – The driver, who was charged with speeding, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, recorded the traffic stop. The driver’s attorney released the video, which shows a different scenario than that suggested by the police report.

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Delane Gordon, a driver for delivery service DoorDash, was initially pulled over for speeding in Collegedale, Tennessee. The arrest report, written by officer Evan Driskill, says Gordon was argumentative, denied he was speeding, refused to hand over identification, demanded to see a supervisor and stayed in his car despite orders to get out, The Associated Press reported.

Gordon recorded the confrontation with Driskill, and Gordon’s attorney shared the video on Facebook.

Warning: Video contains sensitive content.

The video shows Gordon holding his driver’s license and questioning the officer’s behavior while Driskill stands with his Taser in a firing position. Gordon can be heard saying, “I feel uncomfortable, please get your supervisor,” before the officer reaches into the car to grab him. “Why are you being like this? Is this how y’all really are?” Gordon asks as the video continues recording.

Gordon is Black, and his attorney says he was unarmed at the time of his arrest, The Washington Post reported. Driskill is Caucasian.

The Hamilton County District Attorney has asked the sheriff’s office to investigate the traffic stop, WZTV reported.

In a Facebook post, the Collegedale Police Department said it would cooperate with the investigation, and would also conduct its own internal investigation into the incident.