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New emojis are coming to iPhones and Android devices later this year, but users are getting a preview for World Emoji Day.

This time there’s a ninja, a dodo, and a piñata joining the images we use to communicate, The Verge reported.

One emoji may cause confusion. It’s called officially “pinched fingers” but many are calling it the “Italian Hand.” The meaning behind the symbol changes depending on culture, the BBC has pointed out.

Developers said it was made to say “What do you want?”

But journalist Kim Zetter said it has other meanings in Israel including “be patient,” the BBC reported.

Others said it would be an argument in Nigeria or asking if someone is hungry in India.

Also among the new emojis are people wearing masks, Mashable reported.

The 117 new emojis were originally announced in January, and include 62 new images, and 55 new gender and skin tones, The Verge reported.