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Fail-Proof Pizza Dough (recipe below)
2 tablespoons softened salted butter
2 cloves garlic, finely minced (OR if Im in a hurry, Ill just add a couple shakes of garlic salt to the melted butter)
grated mozzarella cheese

Ragu pizza sauce (or any pizza / marinara sauce you’d like)
Pepperoni slices (I go to the deli at HEB and ask for 1/4 pound of pepperoni – Boars Head sliced on a 1, but any pepperoni will do)

Preheat oven to 500 degrees with pizza stone inside. (If you don’t have a pizza stone, use an upside down cookie sheet…this is what I use!  It works wonders!   I put parchment paper on the back of a cookie sheet.  OMG!!!!  The best! )
Mix butter and garlic in a small bowl and set aside.
Spread pizza dough out into a 12-inch circle on parchment paper. {This makes it easier to transfer to the pizza stone.}
Spread the butter and garlic mixture over dough, then add the marinara to the middle of the pizza (as much as you want) and top with mozzarella cheese and pepperoni (or any other pizza toppings you like). Top with a light sprinkling of salt and pepper, if desired. {That step is totally optional!}
Bake 9-10 minutes or until bubbly and golden. Remove from oven and cool 1-2 minutes before cutting. Serve while still warm.

Basic Pizza Dough
yield: 2-12 inch pizzas, approximately 1 lb. of dough
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1 cup warm water
2 1/4 teaspoons active dry yeast
1 tablespoon honey {or sugar}
2 teaspoons salt
2 tablespoons olive or canola oil
3 cups bread flour {give or take 1/2 cup…depending on the heat & humidity}

In a large mixing bowl, preferably that of a stand mixer, stir yeast and honey into warm water. Sit for 5-10 minutes or until bubbles form and mixture starts to foam. This tells you that the yeast is alive and kicking. Pour in salt, oil and half the flour and mix.

Once that flour is incorporated, start adding flour in bit by bit until you get the pizza dough to the consistency you want: slightly tacky, but when you touch it it doesn’t stick to your hands.

Once you reach this stage, turn the mixer on high to knead for 6 minutes. Turn a timer on and walk away! Resist the temptation to stop earlier than 6 minutes! That seems to be the magical number. 

The dough should be smooth and easy to work with. And the bowl should be clean!

Lightly grease the bowl & the dough so it doesn’t dry out, cover with plastic wrap or a towel and let it rise 1-2 hours. That’s it!

Now you can do anything you want to with this dough!