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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A father and son were found dead in their Florida apartment hours after the child’s mother had asked for an emergency order and for law enforcement to get the child from the father.

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Fort Lauderdale Police Department found the child and father dead in the home late Friday, The Associated Press reported.

Authorities did not release the identity of the 4-year-old nor his father, but family members told WFOR in a statement that the child was Greyson Martin Kessler and his father was John Stacey.

The statement, according to WFOR, said:

“The family of Greyson Martin Kessler is devastated by the loss of our baby boy. Greyson was the kindness, smartest, most animated kid we have ever known.

“Greyson’s mother, Alison Kessler, did everything she could to keep her child safe from harm. We feel that the system failed us at every level, from her attorney to the police department, to the court system.

“There were many red flags exhibited by John Stacey that were never acted upon, even though Alison reported his bizarre and threatening behavior and went through all the proper channels. This tragedy could have been prevented if proper action had been taken to help Alison and Greyson.”

Alison Kessler’s attorney and Stacey’s landlord confirmed the man and child’s identity to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Alison Kessler’s attorney, Meaghan Marro, said her client was afraid after she got texts from Greyson’s father and had asked for protection orders, the newspaper reported.

Allison Kessler said Stacey had made fake social media accounts and used them to follow her. She also said Stacey ran background and credit checks on acquaintances.

She said she was sent a text by Stacey that said “You deserve to have your head separated from your body.” She used the text in her application for a protection order, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

She also had filed for an emergency pick-up order for law enforcement Friday. The petition said Stacey couldn’t be found and that he hadn’t taken Greyson to school.

That night was when Stacey and Greyson were found dead.

Twelve hours later, Marro was informed that Duty Judge Michael Kaplan denied the motion, saying it “does not present an emergency and it addresses the issue of child visitation.”