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Each Christmas, there is one movie that fills the television schedule over and over and over again. Now fans of the original “A Christmas Story” will find out what happened to Ralphie after his 1940s Christmas when he got his beloved Red Ryder BB Gun which had a compass in the stock and “this thing that tells time.”

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Peter Billingsley is back as Ralphie Parker, who takes his family back to his childhood home to, according to the IMDB synopsis, give his kids a holiday like he had growing up on Cleveland Street.

Zack Ward is back as Scut (not Scott) Farkus, who is apparently now a police officer in their hometown. Scott Schwartz and R.D. Robb are also back as Ralphie’s friends Flick and Schwartz, as is Ian Petrella as Ralphie’s little brother Randy.

Ralphie returns: ‘A Christmas Story’ sequel will feature Peter Billingsley

The original film also starred Darren McGavin and Melinda Dillon as Ralphie’s and Randy’s parents, Deadline reported. McGavin died in 2006. Melinda Dillon is 83.

While we’re about two months away from Christmas, HBO Max is already getting into the holiday spirit and released a teaser trailer that harkens back to the original 1983 movie, with several of the iconic lines, such as, “I can’t put my arms down” and “Fra-GEE-lay; it must be Italian!” before ending with a close-up of an adult Ralphie.

This is the latest in the retelling of “A Christmas Story,” which had a sequel, a remake and a musical all based on the original movie, CNN reported.

“A Christmas Story Christmas” is being produced by Billingsley, along with his partner Vince Vaughn under their Wild West Picture Show company, Deadline reported.

Happier holidays: ‘A Christmas Story’ sequel to be released in November

“A Christmas Story Christmas” airs on HBO Max starting Nov. 17.