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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Two Orange County sheriff’s deputies have been disciplined for sharing news of actor and comedian Bob Saget’s death in January before his family members were notified, according to WFTV.

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Deputies launched an internal investigation after determining that word of the 65-year-old’s death had spread to social media before officials approved of releasing information on the incident, WFTV reported.

Authorities found Saget, known for his portrayal of Danny Tanner on “Full House” and for hosting “America’s Funniest Home Videos, dead Jan. 9 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Orlando, Florida. A medical examiner later determined that Saget’s death was accidental, caused by blunt force trauma most likely sustained during a fall.

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In documents obtained by WFTV, officials said that one of the deputies who responded to Saget’s death, Deputy Emiliano Silva, sent a text message to his brother to let him know about the actor’s death before Saget’s family was notified. Silva’s brother wrote “RIP Bob Saget” in a Twitter post 13 minutes later, records obtained by WFTV show.

Silva called his brother after learning about the tweet and asked him to delete it, which he did, according to the news station.

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Officials determined that Deputy Steven Reed also shared information about Saget’s death before his family had been told, WFTV reported. He learned about the actor’s death while he was off duty and sent a text message to a neighbor about it, according to the news station.

Both deputies were found to have released information about an ongoing death investigation without proper approval, WFTV reported.