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BARRON COUNTY, Wis. – While temperatures have dropped in Wisconsin and Minnesota, ice has not sufficiently hardened in area lakes. A person driving a truck with an apparent ice fishing house behind it jumped the gun and sank into an icy lake.

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“Where do we begin with this one,” the Barron County Sheriff’s Department wrote in a Facebook post.

The department shared a photograph of a truck submerged in water with an apparent ice fishing house jackknifed behind it in the water, WCCO reported. The ice was thin, but not solid enough to support the weight of the truck and the house.

“Look, OK yeah it got below freezing the last couple nights, and OK yeah the frost has made an appearance, and sure we love ice fishing as much as everyone else … but and this is important,” the sheriff’s office wrote, using capital letters and periods for emphasis, “THE. ICE. IS. NOT. READY. YET.”

The incident occurred Friday night, the department wrote, adding that alcohol was a factor.

The sheriff’s department said it was the third instance of alcohol-related calls it received Friday night in the county, which is located several miles east of Minneapolis.

“C’mon now,” the sheriff’s department wrote on Facebook.