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Twice was really nice for a Colorado lottery player.

After 30 years of playing the same numbers, a man won a $1 million Powerball jackpot — two times in the same day, Colorado Lottery officials said in a news release.

The Pueblo resident, who went by the name “Joe B.,” played the winning numbers March 25 and redeemed them Monday at a lottery drive-thru, lottery officials said.

The man picked five of the numbers — 5-9-27-39-42 — but missed out on the overall jackpot when his Powerball number of 26 was not drawn.

Joe B. bought his winning tickets at two different locations — at a 7-Eleven that morning, and at a Loaf N’ Jug store later in the day, according to lottery officials.

When lottery officials asked how he would spend the money, Joe B. answered, “The Boss has plans for it.”