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HOUSTON – A woman remains on the run after she allegedly killed her sister and forced her son to help move her body in Texas.

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According to court records obtained by KTRK, Carmen White has been charged with capital murder after her sister, Cynthia Cervantes, was found shot to death in Houston on April 1. Houston Police Department is working on locating White, who is on the run.

Cervantes’ body was found on April 1 and she had multiple gunshot wounds before she was set on fire, according to court records obtained by KPRC. Officials believe Cervantes was killed a day earlier on March 31.

KTRK said that around 11:30 a.m. on April 1, officers responded to a call of a badly burned body found by a railroad employee. The autopsy identified that the body belonged to Cervantes. A family member told police he noticed White acting paranoid and nervous following her sister’s death. That family member, according to KTRK, helped police identify White’s car in surveillance video.

Police were able to locate her car and found blood in the trunk of the car, according to court records obtained by KTRK. The records also say that White had allegedly asked her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend to help move her sister’s body but he refused.

According to the court records obtained by KTRK, White’s 13-year-old son apparently told police that he was forced to help move the body and his mother was acting extremely aggressive.

White was arrested about a month earlier on February 8, according to KTRK. She was charged with “a terroristic threat to a family member, Cervantes allegedly being that family member and possession of a controlled substance.” KTRK said there has been a warrant out for her arrest on those charges.

According to court records obtained by KPRC, a witness told police that they believe White killed her sister in retaliation for the criminal charges filed in February.

A warrant is out for White’s arrest and she remains on the run, according to KPRC. White has been charged with capital murder.