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ATLANTA – A woman who lived in a shed with no running water for 20 years now has a home to call her own. She will also be a grandmother to all the young girls and their babies who will be living at the house on their way to a better life.

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Deborah Glover, 71, lived in the shed with her husband who is now deceased, on Atlanta’s Westside where a new house now sits, WSB reported.

The house was built by CHRIS 180, an Atlanta-based charity on the land that Glover had owned.

Along with a real roof over her head, she will now have new extended family members as the home will also become a residence for two young mothers and their children who have been experiencing homelessness.

“This is a multi-generational intervention,” CHRIS 180 CEO Kathy Colbenson told WSB.

The young women will be at the home for about a season before they transition to permanent housing.

If the home built for Glover proves successful, CHRIS 180 hopes to expand the program in the city, WSB reported.